Friday, 29 March 2013

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Another Eastery treat for you.. delicious chocolate orange cupcakes.

If there is one thing I have learned from making these it is this: attempting to hide chocolate from my mother is futile. Utterly futile.

Subsequently, the making of these cupcakes was significantly delayed by the guilty party having to make an emergency supermarket run to buy me another Terry's chocolate orange!

Alas, when they were finally complete though, they were a real treat.

Quite a funny recipe, adapted from a whole cake which involved cooking and blending an ENTIRE orange. VERY satisfying.

Recipe here:

Simply ignore the ganache recipe, instead make up a normal buttercream,then stir in some orange extract and cocoa powder. It can be as chocolatey or orangey as you'd like it to be. I also grated some chocolate orange on top and decorated with an entire slice of chocolate orange - indulgent in the true Nigella sense of the word!

Here's the cake when I made it as a whole and followed the chocolate ganache recipe:

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