Friday, 29 March 2013

Marzipan and Cherry Easter Cupcakes

One of my most recent creations, inspired by a recipe on the ever faithful UKTV good food website (or is it BBC now? I can never tell!)

Moist vanilla sponge filled with chunks of delicious melty marzipan and sweet glacé cherries - the very essence of Easter flavouring.

I also added almond extract to the sponge for that extra flavour.

And of course, what else on top but cadburys mini eggs? Easter wouldn't be the same without them.

I made these after being home from university for a week or so, recovering from a rather nasty chest infection. But when fully recovered, I simply could not return without cake!

Happy Good Friday everyone, I hope you enjoy making these as a little Easter treat!

Recipe here:

*NOTE -  Grating marzipan is a nightmare, I added it in chunks and it still worked just as well, and I added almond extract. Make up the icing with fresh orange juice instead of water for extra flavour.*

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