Monday, 1 April 2013

Gooseberry Crumble Cake

Backtracking to 2012, this is an old creation I just have to share with you.

Living in a beautiful area of the Herefordian country side, every so often a neighbour knocks on the door laden down with seasonal delights.

This time, I believe it was Late June, a friendly woman from across the road appeared bearing one of my favourite baking fruits: the humble gooseberry.

Sweetened with a drizzle of elderflower cordial and put in a crumble, these are to die for.

After a while though, I tired of making crumble after crumble for my Dad to devour with custard, and with a group of friends coming the next day I decided to turn it into a cake instead!

I found the perfect recipe online on BBC Good Food - just click the link to recreate, but I do recommend adding a good glug of elderflower cordial to the gooseberries beforehand, it just adds that extra kick of sweetness and really is delicious.

This can be eaten cold, or even served warm with a blob of ice cream/clotted cream for a yummy dessert.

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