Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The demands of having a "husband"

At Oxford, we have the rather bizarre tradition of college "marriages."

During my second week of term, I was proposed to. By proposed, I mean one of my male friends (Mark) quoted Shakespeare to me from Main Quad as I sat in my bedroom window roaring with laughter.

To give credit to him though, he had made an oragami ring, so obviously I said yes - BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.

He's an exceedingly demanding college husband, and every time I venture home from university to satisfy a baking craving he insists that I bake him entire cakes to himself.

Hence, this classic Victoria Sponge..

I followed the normal recipe, using 3 eggs, 6oz of butter, flour, and sugar. Whizzed it all up together and into the oven! Oh, and I also added 60g of natural yoghurt, a technique I learned from Peyton and Byrne which REALLY moistens up a cake.

It is decorated with vanilla buttercream, strawberry jam and halved strawberries, as he is an absolute strawberry fiend. Here is Mark, modelling his cake in the 0.4 of a millisecond before he devoured it:

I love making simple Victoria Sandwiches like this, as they look so impressive and always taste delicious, yet are so quick to whip up! Perfect when you have an overly demanding husband!

Next up, strawberry tart.. (apparently.)


  1. Wonderful blog, i cannot believe how thick your layers are. When i usually bake a Victoria Sponge, my layers are quite thin. Next time i will use this recipe to see if it changes.

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog!
      Just make sure you sift in the flour and don't open the oven whilst the cake is baking as this causes the sponge sink.
      Good luck and happy baking!