Friday, 5 April 2013

Tea time.

There is nothing I love more than throwing a good old fashioned tea party. Good friends, flowing tea, ceaseless chatter and scrumptious cake, what more could you wish for?

My sister got married last July, and my parents put on a beautiful vintage themed wedding for her. Consequently, we now have an abundance of beautiful vintage china which I absolutely adore getting out for its original purpose; tea! It's what we British do best.

And after all, what makes baking such an amazing hobby is that it gives you the ability to share so much of yourself and your passion with others. Baking is about giving, its about sharing, its about sitting with your friends eating delicious cake, gossiping until the tea has gone cold, and enjoying every moment of it.

Photographed above is a lemon and poppyseed cake, the recipe for which is here, and gooseberry crumble cake, the recipe for which can also be found here. Also photographed are some traditional vanilla cupcakes and traditional scones with jam and cream, the recipes for which I shall post in the future!


  1. Hi baking queen I bought my vintage crockery for the Queens Jubilee but it now lays dormant along with my bunting, give me an inspiration to make something tasty. Love your sisters godmother x